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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Become A Creator With Lonestar Commerce?

Lonestar Commerce aims to empower you with the ability to fully control the production process. To achieve this goal, we give you the content creator the choice of working with the Brands and Products you love!

To join the Lonestar Commerce Creator Program you will need to submit your application to work with us. As well, you need to have the skills to produce amazing creative contents.

How Do I Get Paid?

As soon as your creative content gets approved, the payout amount is added to your earnings. Earnings get transferred to your PayPal account twice a month.

Can I Choose The Brands I Want To Work With?

Yes. You’ll be able to choose between offers from different brands, please read the requirements for each task and decide if you’d like to apply.

How Do I Get the Products From the Brand To Produce Content?

Products will get shipped to your address free of charge. Products are considered as a part of your reward, so you never have to pay for them.

Do I Need To Post The Content I Produce For Brands On My Social Media?

You do not have to post on your social media the creative content you produce for the brand you work with unless you want to.

As part of being a PRO Creator in the Creator Program, you will have the option to work with the brands your choose as a direct influencer for their brand and products.

What Do I Need As A Creator To Produce Content?

If you are applying to be a creator, it’s enough to have a smartphone or dedicated camera. When it comes to creators PRO, we expect you to have equipment that will level-up your video, such as studio lights, backdrops, tripods, etc., to ensure higher video and audio quality.

Can I Work On Multiple Brand Tasks A Week?

Yes of course!

You can choose to work repeatedly with the brands you love! Take on as many tasks as you can manage and get earning.

Still have questions? Email us at info@mylonestarcommerce.com
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