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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the creators I want to work with?

Lonestar Commerce aims to empower you with the ability to fully control the production process. To achieve this goal, we give you the ability to choose the creators you want featured in your content.

You decide what you want or don't want in your content. We work strictly within your given brand guidelines.

What is the difference between a UGC Content Creator and an Influencer?

UGC Content creators are primarily focused on producing various forms of content. The main goal of a content creator is to entertain, educate, or inform their audience. They often have a specific niche or expertise that they showcase through their content.

Influencers, on the other hand, are individuals who leverage their online presence and popularity to sway the opinions or behaviors of their followers. While content creation is a part of what they do, their primary emphasis is on building a personal brand and influencing their audience's decisions.

How long does it take to start receiving my creative content?

- Product Photography & Video Production (Video Ads, Product Review videos, etc.): Within 4 business days of receiving your product.

- Branded Copywriting (Sales scripts for Ads; Copy for blogs, websites, and product descriptions): Within 4 business days of receiving your product.

From the moment you place your order, you begin our onboarding process with a Creative Director were you input your Instructions and Brand Guidelines on exactly how you want your content produced. (You meet with your Creative Director within 24hrs of placing your order.)

For Video Production & Product Photography, production begins immediately when we receive the products to be used in producing your content. We advise to ship your products within 48 hours of placing your order to ensure no time delay in production and delivery.

Do I get my product shipped back after production?

Lonestar Commerce aims to deliver Organic User-Generated Content for you. Therefore, our creators need to try out your product or service to give an honest and detailed review of them in production. We do ask brands to send their product samples to the creators for free, as part of their reward for producing great content for you.

You have the ability to work with the same creators in multiple projects so you don't have to ship multiple products. They can reuse the original product in multiple projects.

Do I need to provide tracking information when shipping my products?

Yes! Once we provide you with the shipping details to the creator's studio and you've shipped your products for content production, please provide the shipping & tracking number and information so we can be sure to receive them on time.

Our creators are based in the United States and Canada. All shipping couriers are acceptable, whichever is convenient for you.

Can I have content produced for my service business, online platform, or App?

Yes absolutely!

From the moment you subscribe to our service, you begin our onboarding process with a Creative Director were you input your Instructions and Brand Guidelines on exactly how you want your content produced. (You meet with your Creative Director within 24hrs of placing your order.)

Can I work with the same creator for multiple projects?

Yes of course!

You can choose to work repeatedly with the creators you love or try out the talents of other creators. All creators are happy to work with you.

Still have questions? Email us at info@mylonestarcommerce.com

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